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About Global Citizenship

Anjum Hameed Law Firm is an associated partner with Farani Taylor Solicitors, dedicated to helping the World become smaller by encouraging entrepreneurs to access global markets. Our vision is to provide individuals with the ability to tap into global networks and create fairer societies.

Our Global Citizenship Programme is built on the expertise of our worldwide immigration professionals. The partner firms across the globe ensure that you know whether you can meet the set criteria.

If you are looking to invest and move across the Globe then our services can help. We work in many countries providing immigration support.

We are completely transparent with our pricing and our international consultants support you through the application process. Our clients rest assured that their case is looked after by some of the best legal and administrative minds.

Our aim is to provide clients with the opportunity to build a global brand and access markets across they would normally miss out on. Get in touch with our team if you would like to know more about how you could get access to a passport that allows you to travel and do business across the World.

Investors and Global Citizenship

International investors invest in great businesses, not in a country. You could be missing out on global opportunities that allow you to build your portfolio and allow you to travel freely. Those with the means can stimulate global growth not just national growth. Every nation is looking for great minds to help push growth.

Two Passports – Two Lives

Someone quoted an amazing line, ‘having two passports is equal to living two lives due to the amazing possibilities of opportunities’ and it is so true. With a second passport, you do not need to renew your home country’s passport before you can go on a journey…

Easy Visa Acquisition

More often than not, entrepreneurs face difficulties when applying for a visa each time they need to travel for business. The visa application process is lengthy especially for those who travel a lot and will need to fill in all the places they have visited for the past five years. This route can help..